ROI Urban Designs

ROI Urban Designs

32 years of continued study and dedicated practice, we are committed to help you plan, design, create, or restore any type of landscape you can imagine.


We use a mathematical and historically educated approach to create innovative and eco-friendly landscapes that will stand the test of time.

We specialize in:

Master Planning, Design, Consultation, Historical Restoration, and Project Management: Residential Landscapes, Commercial Landscapes, Country Club Master Planning, Botanical Gardens, City Planning, Formal Estate Gardens, and Historical Restoration.

Green Solutions: Storm Water Management, Biodynamic Parks, Farms and Landscapes, Permaculture, Net Zero Surface Runoff Drainage Solutions, and Edible/Native Landscapes.

Private Spaces

Historically themed, Formal European, Modern Design, or something uniquely your own? We have the ability and expertise to define, specify, process engineer, and build each project we undertake accurately and on time without work change orders or unforeseen up charges.


Interested in more than a typical landscape? We can help create a “consciously designed landscape which mimic the patterns and relationships found in nature, while yielding an (ROI) abundance of food, fibre, and energy for provision of local needs.” - D. Holmgren.

Public Places

For the office, parks, corporate headquarters, or streetscapes, we design landscapes that invoke the senses and are rooted in health and vitality. We limit the use of fossil fuel for maintenance or the use of drinking water for irrigation. This results in a better work or leisure environment for all.


Industry Leaders

Years of service has afforded us the opportunity to become recognized as an industry leader in our chosen field. We base our work on the ‘Long-view Approach’ (sustainable for a minimum of 75 years). We set the benchmark which other companies aspire, affording our clients the opportunity to live and experience their very own version of Paradise.



Our focus has always been and will always be accuracy. We start our process by taking into account all site variables. From light dynamics to soil geology, we accurately record all existing above ./\. and below .\/. ground infrastructure, trees and topography. This provides a mathematically accurate foundation upon which to base our work. Our design process literally begins accurate to scale and this commitment to detail carries through to the final result.



We practice our profession in a transparent fashion, providing up front and clear cost expectations while providing complete process engineering for an All-Inclusive Turnkey Event. There are no hidden cost agendas or surprises during or at the conclusion of your project. Every step of the process is documented and photographed and then given to our clients upon completion of the project.


From Start to Finish, from Beginning to End…

We keep you informed every step of the way. Our contracts contain exacting step-by-step specifications allowing our clients to follow the entire process, literally taking the Journey with us. Our clients can be as involved as they like or simply note the daily, lineal, discernible results!

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The end result becomes a balanced harmonious living place, where our clients, their families, and their friends can slow down, re-connect with the moment and fall peacefully back into the Garden.